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The Caspian Sea

My Nephew is named after the Caspian Sea and about a month ago I became his Godmother. As a gift I made these cufflinks for him

Ame Gallery

My Collections of Jewellery are now found at Ame Gallery on Graham Street in Hong Kong.
It is an amazing Contemporary Jewellery Gallery and is well worth a visit.

Diamond Pendant

Silver Pendant set with Diamonds.

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Recently I posted some images on how I make my Anatomy rings.

Anatomy Collection- Men's ring

Rhodium plated silver ring

Anatomy Collection

This ring is part of my Anatomy Collection which is a series of rings and bangles that follows the shape of the body. The rings have indents on the outside so you can fit it in the neighbouring fingers.

This ring is a Rhodium plated silver ring with a freshwater pearl.

Eclectic Cool

My collections of jewellery is still to be seen at Eclectic Cool. The other day Joanne at Eclectic wrote a nice piece about me on her blog, that you can read here.

Eclectic Cool

My collections of jewellery is in this fabolous shop the whole of June. Please come by and have a look!
Eclectic Cool is in Sheung Wan in Po Hing Fong up by the basketball courts.
Opening hours: Wednesday- Sunday 12-6.

How to make a bangle

This is one of the reasons why I love to work in metal. It is to try and form and create something out of a piece of thick strong metal by the use of the force of your arm. 
This is how I made a bangle for my Anatomy Collection.

I usually have an idea that I carry with me for a while. But it always feels better to sketch it out on paper.  
After you measured and cut off how much wire you need you have to anneal the silver to make it softer and workable.

 After that you can bend it around so that the ends meet. 

It takes a couple of rounds of annealing before it gets somewhat round. 

When the ends meet and to make them fit perfectly flat against each other you pierce through the opening. 

 After that you can solder the joints together

And then hammer it into the correct shape on the mandrel 

When it is perfectly round it is time to start filing off all the marks left from forming and soldering. 

 And after a lot of filing and a lot of polishing it is done!

Mesh Bracelet

It is not a perfect picture. But I love how well the bracelet goes with the carpet. The mesh collection is inspired by crochets. Two different types of textiles that works together.

Hair piece

I was looking through my images when I found this. Hair pieces are something that I think about a lot in the back of my head because I think it is quite difficult to make something that is different. This was one attempt I did once.

Conception Collection

Last week I had a few intense but very fun days exhibiting my work together with 10 other artists at the Visual Art Centre in Hong Kong. Thank you for all the kind words and great interest in what we were showing.

This is my big necklace from the Conception Collection. You can wear it long or if you put the little sperm through the egg it becomes a short necklace. The two ways look very different from each other. I will have to show you one day.